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Let me tell you, I am passionate about assisting those who want to turn mere ideas and dreams to fully functioning purpose that create bankable revenue. I’m known as the Grow Your Dreams Midwife™ and in some cases simply “The Midwife” not just because of my readiness to assist new and seasoned entrepreneurs with activating and birthing their dreams, but because I’m knowledgable about how to get ideas, dreams, products and services birthed and manifesting revenue. I teach clients both individual and corporate how to increase visibility, understand social media and how to create a buzz about their products and well as what tie-in products can worth with any brand. You can get started today!


Basic Business Coaching Sessions are available one on one. They are popular among the budget conscious entrepreneur who just wants to get started, may be working on a shoestring budget, but still wants a lot of BANG for their buck. The Basic Business Coaching Sessions give you quality one-on-one coaching with the Midwife. It is currently offered in FOUR 30-minute sessions. The first two sessions lay the groundwork and the second two sessions are for implementation follow up and accountability. Clients love the flexibility of scheduling a 30 minute POWER SESSION on their lunch hour to get the ideas flowing and a plan in motion.  Space for the “Basic Sessions” do fill up VERY QUICKLY! If you’re interested, read what other clients are saying and BOOK IT today!

Nellie's Testimonial“I decided to invest in myself and my business and booked a session with Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland. It was worth it! She helped me to focus on attainable goals and gave me some very helpful advice for my book and for my blog as well. I feel a lot clearer in my vision and am going full speed ahead. Thank you Linda!” – Nell Escalante, CEO of Nelesc Designs

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Listen, no matter how good you are, “Six Figures” and millions doesn’t just happen–you must map out a plan to reach it. That’s why for those who want to learn how to “Six Figure” their existing businesses at their own pace and then bump up those streams to millions, The Six Figure Masterclass™ is it. It’s designed to shorten the learning curve, turn wasted time into profit and get entrepreneurs back to doing what they love most–connecting with customers and clients. The Six Figure Masterclass™ is an info-packed business coaching program that was strategically designed to quickly move each member through social media, list building and opt-in offer mastery. The 12 full weeks of business structure was designed to help them get a grip on time management, initiating passive income streams and earning double-digit gains through articles, infographics, checklists, affirmations, special reports, how to videos, audios, interviews, ebooks and step by step tutorials as well. You also get access to 52 weeks of behind the scenes business techniques through my Six Figure Video Series and tips and strategies from some of the most influential people in business. This course isn’t for everybody. Simply put, you have to ask yourself, “Am I ready to earn more by doing less?” If so, let’s go!

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The Corporate Coaching Event with Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland is a great way to empower and motivate your staff. She has spoken to groups both large and small about launching and building a business, becoming an author, book publishing, creating a tech savvy ministry, understanding social media and various aspects of love and relationships. She is available for travel in and out of state to assist you with growing your business, ministry or non-profit to the next level and can also tweak various subjects to fit your corporate needs.

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