My Story

My name is Linda Dominique Grosvenor-Holland. I’m a happy wife and mom, the author of Bring Me Into A Wealthy Place and the creator of The Six Figure Starter Kit.  I’m a legitimate passive income coach, inventor and a product development specialist--and honestly that’s all I ever wanted to be in life. Why? Because being a passive income coach gives me the freedom to enjoy the things I love most–God, my family and friends while helping others, but (of course) without that annoying feeling of being ball and chained to a desk at an office job or constantly worrying about oversleeping and being late for work every morning.

What does that mean for you exactly? I’m a “legitimate” passive income coach. That means that I don’t do the whole smoke and mirrors thing. It means that I actually teach you strategies that you can begin implementing tomorrow to start seeing revenue and cashing checks. I don’t give you crumbs and hold back the true “meat and gravy” of how how to monetize your business only to upsell it to you later–I give you the complete inner workings of what I used to get me from ZERO dollars in earnings to 6 figure earning and I walk you through it from beginning to end so that you can feed your family, pay your bills, upgrade your lifestyle and even take a couple of vacations and enjoy life more.

That’s also why I host a FREE Six Figure 30 Day Challenge and if you are an entrepreneur who knows fitness, gardening, travel, food, hair, fashion or fit into another niche–you can join 1000 other entrepreneurs who are currently going through my FREE challenge to shift their mindset and increase their business and ideas exponentially. With my expertise it also means that can also teach you how to FIND and GROW your TRIBE and know exactly when to launch so that you maximize your efforts. You can join my Six Figure Your Passion® Mastermind tribe here

So here’s a little bit more about me: They call me “The Midwife” and in 1998 while working full time, going to college full time in the evening and being a single Mom, I wrote my first novel every day on my lunch hour at work. I committed myself to ONE HOUR every day until my book was finished (I’m a HUGE advocate of time management). Once my book was completed, I took a GIANT leap of faith and quit my 9 to 5 job and immersed myself into publishing and book marketing. Almost 2 years later I realized I had sold 10,000 copies of my first book (product) and was catapulted into a 6 Figure earning bracket and shortly after landed a 5-figure 2-book deal with a major publishing company.

Once I made my mark in publishing and began getting more notoriety in articles and newspapers across the U.S. I started getting inundated with requests to “teach” what I knew, which was simply how to reach a target audience with a book or product. I created a blog and in 2011, my blogging endeavors validated the fact that I knew how to reach a target audience and landed me an appearance on The Today Show to dish about one of my favorite things, “Why Women Love Shoes.” I began coaching authors and business owners informally after that until I finally launched my coaching platform Six Figure Your Passion® in 2013.

One thing I’ve learned in business is that no matter what you do, there are people who will ask, “How did you do that?” which is why teaching “monetization techniques” is so huge for me. More than just a few people have asked me how I got started coaching because some of them want to start coaching too and truthfully the answer isn’t very complex. I started coaching once I had something that I knew I could show people how to do–and that was how to write a book and how to launch a business.. So, how did I really get started as a business coach? It was a 4-step process.

I did it first. Let me explain. Rewind, back to 1998 when I published my first book. It was a novel. I promoted it like a master PR entity and word spread rather quickly that I knew what I was doing. Long before my book made it to the 10,000 copies sold mark I started getting emails from seasoned authors, aspiring writers and everything in between wanting to know how I’d done it. They wanted to know what my “secret” was to book success, especially in an age where the term “self-published” still seemed to be frowned up. Simply put,  I saw success because I promoted like a business. I had an official website in a day and age when people were simply peddling books out of a car trunk. I was branding myself and growing a platform before I even officially knew what that was. Traffic to my website continued to turn into sales.

I showed people how for free. I remember wanting to be nice to everybody who inquired of me and so I answered a few questions and shared with authors that I knew a nice chunk of what I was doing to see success. Sometimes I got a thank you, sometimes I didn’t get anything, not even a complimentary copy of the author’s book. But what I discovered was, the more questions I answered the more questions I got and then I realized that maybe I should start charging for all of this information–so I considered all the free information I had shared “seeds” and then started putting a paid course together for those who wanted to know how I was making such a splash.

I started showing people how for a fee and started officially coaching. As I mentioned up top, in 2013 I decided to launch my coaching business Six Figure Your Passion®. I had done a bunch of research, mapped out a plan, examined what others who were excelling in the coaching field were doing and just hit GO on the idea. My husband was hugely supportive of it and I couldn’t have done it without him. Through my coaching program I was creating video tutorials, checklists and products to show people how to grow a MASSIVE Facebook fan page and how to turn whatever they knew into income generating products that people not only needed but would pay for–it was a fun process. I was still doing what I loved (helping people) but I was also getting something out of the deal–revenue, which was a HUGE incentive to upgrade it all to the Six Figure Monetization Masterclass™.

I continue to keep my coaching skills polished by gleaning from other top tier coaches, reading books, going to conferences, sitting through webinars and endless seminars. A coach by definition is a teacher in an area of expertise but, remember a coach is only as good as the fruit that is active in their own lives. I kept that in mind as worked with clients from around the world. Even now with social media algorithms changing almost daily, I keep learning and growing because I never want to ever be the type of passive income coach who is teaching outdated techniques that can’t make clients money or help them reach the people they need to reach.

One of the things I love about coaching is receiving messages from clients followed with 4,000 exclamation points because their Facebook ad started converting, selling their products and the payments started hitting their bank account. It’s not simply about being featured in over 100+ publications and websites including The Today Show, Huffington Post, Modern Bride, MORE Magazine and Honey Magazine.–although that’s cool too, but it’s moreso about helping breathe life into the dreams and visions of others.

If you’re ready to dip your toe into passive income click here to get the FREE report–if you’re read to “challenge” yourself click here to join other entrepreneurs just like you who need to mentally make the shift before they get in the water. But if you’re ready to go ALL IN and are way past ready to go from 9 to 5 job to successful self-employed entrepreneur–EMAIL ME to get on the WAIT LIST for the Six Figure Monetization Masterclass™ that will show you how to garner and keep the attention of your segment of the marketplace and so much more.