My Mac Corrupted Files Testimony


My computer was down the entire month of July. It just wouldn't boot. It's almost 5 years old and it's a 27" desktop Mac. I back up my files pretty routinely too, but there were some book files I wasn't 100% sure I had on my external drive. One … [Read more...]

Tapping Into The Millionaire In Me


True story: I kept trying to post this article on 7 Powerful Habits of A Self Made Millionaire on my fan page and for some reason Facebook wouldn't pull up the image that has on the article. It kept pulling up "MY" picture instead. I … [Read more...]

How I Made My First Six Figures (True Story)


It was 1998 and I was a single mom, a full time student and frustrated at my 9-5 job as the secretary to the director of occupational therapy--but I was a believer. I believed that God could deliver me from having to take the bus in the snow, rain … [Read more...]

Obediently Planting the Grow Your Dreams Conference


When the Lord spoke through an Apostle and told me that I'd be hosting live conferences, immediately I cringed and then I braced myself to walk in obedience. I had already hosted my first virtual business conference and that was right up my alley … [Read more...]

17 Genius Things I Did in 2016 That Increased My Business


In reviewing the previous year I realized that there are some key things I did that shifted my business. Here are 17 of them. 1. I had a very pretty new header designed by It made my website more vibrant and gave my brand … [Read more...]

The Art of the Deal is Wisdom


The art of making the deal (any deal) is wisdom—plain and simple. No matter how many years you’ve studied, how much money you’ve previously made or whether you have ivy league credentials or not—wisdom is more priceless than anything. The bible says, … [Read more...]