17 Genius Things I Did in 2016 That Increased My Business

In reviewing the previous year I realized that there are some key things I did that shifted my business. Here are 17 of them. 1. I had a very pretty new header designed by It made my website more vibrant and gave my brand … Keep Reading »


The Art of the Deal is Wisdom

The art of making the deal (any deal) is wisdom—plain and simple. No matter how many years you’ve studied, how much money you’ve previously made or whether you have ivy league credentials or not—wisdom is more priceless than anything. The bible says, … Keep Reading »


Should Christian Entrepreneurs Observe the Sabbath?

There was a time that I would work 6 days a week non-stop. I'd spend the days sending invoices, writing articles, mapping out marketing strategies, staying engaged with those who were connected to me, tuning into webinars and podcasts to increase my … Keep Reading »


What God Needs You to Decree in the Marketplace

We are in the season of seeing what we've been praying, interceding and warring for come together. By now we all know that we see what we say. If you speak negative you will not only kill your seeds, but you also put the progress you've made through … Keep Reading »


Emergency Preparedness Item Checklist

When it comes to preparation many people wonder: What do I include? Where do I start. How much do I need to have? As I shared in Economic Collapse: A Survivor's Guide Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3 many of us have never lived through a … Keep Reading »


How You Can Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

Many people are probably scratching their heads right now thinking "What Economic Collapse?" Many are living in their own world, a bubble where nothing exists except Facebook friends, BBQ ribs and a prayer for more, more, more Lord. But in order to … Keep Reading »

Training And Development

The Best Ways to Utilize Your Coach

Coaching is an easy job when you love what you do--but it's still work too. Here's how to make the most of your time with and without your coach so that you get what you need from them and so they aren't feeling ambushed at all times of the day and … Keep Reading »

Write some checks to make payments for household expenses

Why You Should Have a Separate Bank Account for Business

Have you ever done this? Gotten a new client, received their payment and immediately "splurged" on an item you've had your eye on for a few months now? If so, this is the wrong way to handle the money coming into your business. Let me explain why you … Keep Reading »


30 Faith-Based Businesses to Shop From This 2015 Holiday Season

Starting a business is a wonderful thing, being able to pour back into the kingdom is a blessing! Here are 30 faith-based businesses that you can support this holiday season and beyond! These gifts are perfect for anniversaries and birthdays … Keep Reading »


How To Make Your First $100 Online

Everybody wants to make money online, but many are at a loss of legitimate places to start. While I was relatively new to Twitter I was using a company on called SponsoredTweets as a way to earn money. I was easy earning $25 and $50 in one shot and I … Keep Reading »


Some Totally Amazing and Mind-blowing Facts About Money

Okay so I am dedicating myself to focusing more on money and building wealth with this website because honestly, that's what people want to know. But even though people want to know that, they still have to grasp the basics which are budgeting, … Keep Reading »


Setting Goals Made Easy

People wonder how I accomplish so much. Simply put, I don't just talk about it, I do it. How do I do it? I set goals. Setting goals isn't as hard as people think. Simply put you follow these simple steps: Decide. Think of something you … Keep Reading »


How to Start Using a Budget for Your Finances

"If you don't have a budget have a seat." Meaning: Sit down and shut up! I said that on a call one day and it resonated with so many people. I wasn't trying to be mean. However a lot of times when we don't have money we blame everything and … Keep Reading »


7 Ways Using Periscope Can Make Your Business Money

When I launched the #GYDreams2016 and #FaithScope hashtags on Periscope in late July I was shocked at how many people with products, books and services hadn't heard about Persicope, but was more shocked by those who had heard about but still hadn't … Keep Reading »


How I Got Started As A Business Coach

  One thing I've learned in business is that no matter what you do, there are people who will ask, "How did you do that?" More than just a few people have asked me how I got started coaching and the answer isn't very complex. I started once I … Keep Reading »

FORTUNE Most Powerful Women Summit - Day 2

10 Tips to Getting Rich with Warren Buffett

With an estimated fortune of $62 billion, Warren Buffett is the richest man in the entire world. In 1962, when he began buying stock in Berkshire Hathaway, a share cost $7.50. Today, Warren Buffett, 78, is Berkshire's chairman and CEO, and one share … Keep Reading »


3 Apps That REALLY Pay You Money

Fronto (Android Only) I downloaded Fronto on my Android device. Fronto is a screen lock app. Installation was pretty simple. One installed a tutorial popped up. They basically walk you through what you have to do to earn point. The points you earn … Keep Reading »

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