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7 Things You Need to Know About Passive Income

When people hear PASSIVE STREAMS OF INCOME the bells and whistles start going off in their heads. Instantly they're on board because, hey, who doesn't want to make extra money . . . or in some cases boatloads of it? But the fact is that you don't get … Keep Reading »


The 12 Cents Challenge Will Transform the Way You View Sowing

On November 19, 2014 our faith-based networking group Grow Your Dreams created and hosted the 12 cent challenge and what happened next will amaze you! First let me explain what the 12 cent challenge is. It had been on my heart for the LONGEST that … Keep Reading »


Better Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Many of us are used to just waking up each day, going and doing as we please. We don’t want to have to put guidelines and limits around what we do, but boundaries help protect what you want to grow and produce—and right now we are specifically … Keep Reading »


How to Forward or Mask Your Domain Name on

I always try to steer my clients away from the free websites. I hear people say, "Well, what if that's all they can afford?" And to that I say, I'm going to show you how to put an even better foot forward, even if you're using a freebie website. … Keep Reading »


How to Cut Ties (or Limit Ties) With Toxic People (Dream Stealers)

Sometimes we love people and can feel a loyalty to them because of family ties or because we've known them since grade school, college or whenever. However, the fact of the matter is that toxic people will poison you and KILL your vision. I remember … Keep Reading »


How Opt In Lists Help Grow Your Business

As I was going about my day on Facebook, a friend shared how annoyed she was that someone had acquired her email address and just started using it for business purposes. I shared the following: "I teach marketing and I teach that you must always … Keep Reading »


The Savvy Book Promotion Manual Interview

Why did you write The Savvy Book Promotion Manual? I wrote it mainly because there were many authors like me who wrote the book that was in their heart, their story was good, but they weren't equipped on how to get their book into the hands of the … Keep Reading »


Be Salt and Light in Business

Does God want you rich? Does He want you to run a business and be able to pay all your bills, leave your day job (if you can) and get out of debt? Does He want to you to use the gifts inside of you to bless others? By blessing others will your gifts … Keep Reading »


The Dreamers Inner Circle

When I launched the Grow Your Dreams Network in November, 2013 my goal was to assist dreamers with obtaining the tools they needed to launch their businesses, books and blogs as well as ways to give them a boost with social media tools and other … Keep Reading »


3 Reasons Your Company Should Be Blogging

As outdated as many people think blogging is, it isn't disappearing. Many companies are actually hiring full time staff to do the blogging for them. Why? Because they realize the necessity of blogging and the influence it has. Here are 3 reasons your … Keep Reading »


Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing Which Is Best?

As a published author I'm constantly asked which is best when it comes to Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing and my answer is always the same, it's a matter of preference. I know, that's not the answer you were looking for. But follow what … Keep Reading »


10 Simple Pampering Rituals for Busy Women . . . and Men

We'd all love to be whisked away to a tropical isle where the coconut palms sway rhythmically in the tepid breeze, as we nibble on exotic fruits and the warm water foams at the shore and tickles our toes, but life calls. Our average days may be … Keep Reading »


Published Authors: 5 Tips to Protecting Your Privacy

The hardest thing for published authors to believe is how much actually having a book on the shelves legitimizes them to the people they know and meet on a daily basis. Once you have a published book people no longer see you as someone with a dream, … Keep Reading »

Business Lessons Mom Taught Me (Video)

We glean lessons in life; some good and some bad. However, as I shared in my post An Ode to My Mom and Her Dream my Mom inspired and continues to inspire me. I created this video to share with other dreamers and entrepreneurs and hope that they'll … Keep Reading »


5 AMAZING ways to Promote Your Business This Summer

So, if you're anything like me, all you're probably thinking about right now is how to find a nice breeze on a remote island, an amazing snack, a good book, unplug from your devices, disconnect from social media and fully enjoy the weather. … Keep Reading »

What Is The Grow Your Dreams Network? (Video)

Sidenote: Yes, I'm always VERY serious when I'm talking about business. It's my passion! The Grow Your Dreams Network was created to assist entrepreneurs with giving birth to their dreams. Frankly, sometimes people just don't know where to start or … Keep Reading »


5 More Tips for the Savvy Blogger

In 2011 I was featured in a shoe segment on The Today Show. In 2012 I wrote The Savvy Blogger's Manual. Blogging has opened doors for me that I never expected. During the Grow Your Dreams Virtual Conference I shared the following tips with the … Keep Reading »


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout

Entrepreneurs can experience the kind of burnout that is caused by the physical, emotional and mental exhaustion of trying to "make it". Many business owners are notorious for burning the midnight oil and pouring everything into the business they … Keep Reading »


Get the Printable 7 Dreamer Affirmations Download Free Now!

Daily Affirmations are helpful to keep busy people on track with positive scripture-based thinking and Kingdom dreamers are no different, except that our thinking needs to line up to a different Authority. That Authority is where we get our worth, … Keep Reading »


5 Tips for the Serious Blogger

Are thinking about blogging but just don't know where to start? Here are 5 quick tips for the serious blogger: 1. Get off the freebie blog sites. You may be comfy there, it may be easy because they host everything for you including your photos and … Keep Reading »